Yes Kids of all age group are allowed at Snow World. Kids till age 2 are free and above 2 years would be charged at an actual price.
The total duration of per session is 1 hour which is bifurcated as
Snow Room : 45 mins + Reception : 15 mins
Socks are mandatory to stay in freezing temperature. So you can either carry a pair of socks along with you or can purchase from the socks unit we have it inside the Park.
Yes definitely all age groups are allowed at Snow World, even senior citizens. And so the ticket price remains same for all.
Snow is slippery by nature. So we regret to inform you that we do not allow entry of Pregnant women's at Snow World.
Your health is our concern. So we provide you with all the necessary accessories to stay and enjoy the freezing ambience. i.e. Parka Jackets, Safety shoes, Hand gloves, Hood etc.